White O4S Sunglasses


Exquisite white sunglass frames with O4S lenses arrive with a white microfiber cleaning bag along with white rugged protective case.

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Product Description

These ORION4Sight sunglass lens are mounted in a classical white frame that gives you the perfect look for all seasons! Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, sensitive to bright light, or simply want to improve your vision, the O4S lenses are sure to help. In addition, each ORION4Sight lens incorporates “Spin-Off Technologies” from the original ORION Optical Eyewear Filters developed for US Special Operation Commands and law enforcement.

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Technical Details
• 99.9% UVA and UVB Protection
• Protective Hardcoat (both surfaces)
• Anti-fog Coating (back surface)
• Non-Slip Temples

Before wearing any OS4 lens, please read the eyewear instructions for an explanation of correct usage in order to achieve maximum benefit.



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