1. When not being used, always keep your ORION4Sight Eyewear in its original protective case to minimize scratches and lens damage.
  2. Routine cleaning the front and back lens surfaces with a Mild Liquid Dish Soap will help provide optimum vison.
  3. With your finger, gently rub and spread a small amount of liquid dish soap over the entire front and back surfaces of your ORION4Sight Eyewear. Gently rub to dislodge any fingerprints or smudges.
  4. When ORION4Sight Eyewear is used around salt water, first aggressively flush both lens surfaces with Cool Fresh Water to dissolve the salt. Then apply a mild liquid dish soap to the lens surfaces and rub very gently to prevent scratching of any remaining undissolved salt.
  5. After applying liquid dish soap, rinse both lens surfaces thoroughly with Cool Fresh Water until “foaming/sudsing” stops.
  6. Gently dry with a lint-free soft cloth, such as flannel or a microfiber material.
  7. When completely dry, the O4S Lenses are ready to use.


Lens fogging on glass and plastic lenses is usually caused by an invisible thin microscopic layer of electrostatically charged particles. This naturally occurring phenomenon is typically worse in dry, dusty, or smoky conditions.

This thin layer of charged particles can also allow fogging on an otherwise properly functioning anti-fog coated plastic or glass lens!

Fogging generally occurs when there is a sudden change in humidity and/or temperature. This is especially true if the lens surfaces have not been properly cleaned.

When the lens surfaces are covered with invisible electrostatically charged particles, they attract water molecules which condense as very small water droplets on the lens surfaces that appear as fog. A Mild Liquid Dish Soap helps dissolve and remove these charged particles.

Lens surfaces –including plastic or glass anti-fog coated lenses– will remain” fog-free” until a new layer of electrostatically charged particles form.

Routine cleaning ORION4-Sight Lenses with liquid dish soap may also help reduce lens scratches, as well as maintain optimum performance of anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coatings, depending upon the specific ORION4Sight style(s).