Orion4Sight Sunglasses do not alter/distort colors and are scientifically formulated for optimum human vision – on water, on land and for aviation.


Blue Blocker-Type Eyewear – by their name– alter/distort colors and may visually “change” critical color information viewed on cell phones, hand-held display devices, plus other types of display screens.

  • There are many variations of “Blue Blocker-type Sunglasses” and they all block different amounts of blue light
  • Generally speaking, Blue Blocker-type Sunglasses allow viewers to see the warm colors of red, yellow, and orange
  • Generally speaking, Blue Blocker-type Sunglasses “blacken/darken” or “alter” the remaining colors of green, blue, indigo, and violet


Objects being viewed through blue blockers are still recognizable, i.e. a person still looks like a person, a car still looks like a car, and grass still looks like grass, etc. – but the true/actual subject color(s) may appear unexpectedly different.

  • Blue Blocker-Type Sunglasses are not used by the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies because they drastically alter colors and the ability to accurately interpret vital scene color information
  • Law Officers wearing Blue Blocker-Type Eyewear while observing a potential suspect dressed in a “true blue shirt” and “true dark blue pants” will falsely see/believe this suspect is wearing a gray shirt and black/gray pants—and may therefore erroneously ignore this individual 
  • If the “true color” of a car is green, blue, indigo, or violet, it will appear as black or different shades of gray when viewed through Blue Blocker-type sunglasses
  • Depending upon the type of green grass, the grass color(s) will appear as different shades of gray when viewed through Blue Blocker-type sunglasses
  • Incorrect “color perceptions” may negatively impact the safety of an individual wearing blue blocker-type sunglasses when driving a vehicle, boat, or flying plane and trying to quickly/accurately interpret crucial color information

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