Kirk Kreutzig

Kirk Kreutzig is a multi-patent holder, entrepreneur, and the founder/sole owner of Spectrum Technologies International, Ltd. and ORION4Sight Ltd.  Both of his corporations are established and innovative optical companies located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. They were formed to advance Kreutzig’s portfolio of specialized and Patented Vision Technologies.

Kreutzig has a strong academic background in science and biology. He is a world-traveled semi-retired scientific/commercial photographer with 45+ years behind the camera. His years spent as a scientific photographer proved instrumental in developing the Military’s original ground-breaking Night Vision Technologies that allows a healthy human eye to quickly/seamlessly transition between dark/light/dark environments.

He taught photography for more than 35-years and remains a passionate nature and wildlife photographer. Many of his images have been published by Fortune 500 companies and nature/wild life magazines.

Notable Kreutzig photographic ventures include documenting the multi-million dollar sunken treasure from the Concepcion recovered in the Dominican Republic, a 16mm documentary film depicting techniques to safely capture live fish and marine specimens before shipping them to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, diving and photographing the Blue Hole in Belize made famous by Cousteau, and capturing wildlife photographs in Darwin’s famed Galapagos Islands 600-miles off of the coast of Ecuador.

Kreutzig still actively participates in boating and competitive single-handed sailing. Combining his life-time of scuba diving and boating experience, he is currently developing methods to detect previously unrecognized underwater currents in small/large freshwater lakes. Kreutzig anticipates this new information, and potentially new products, will help law enforcement and first responders with evidence collection and routine search and recovery operations.

Building upon 45+ years of optical research and business success, Kreutzig is now focusing his energies on ORION4Sight, Ltd.

He reveals the new O4S Sunglasses integrate “Spin-Off” properties borrowed from his originally patented Military Vision Technologies.  Kreutzig enthusiastically describes the proprietary O4S Lenses as the most advanced generation of sunglasses in the world declaring they easily outperform “traditional sunglasses.”

Technically speaking, Kreutzig also reveals ORION4Sight Lenses improve human vision under extreme lighting conditions.  He states O4S Lenses enhance color saturation, reduce eye strain and increase visual sharpness making them “absolute must-haves” for the active sport enthusiasts, as well as leisure outdoor participants.

Learn Why O4S Works

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“Just ordered a second pair with the black frame. These sunglasses are worth every penny they cost. I’ve NEVER had a pair like these before. I actually hate to take them off. They actually help seeing at a distance and things are much sharper even in dim lighting. They actually don’t make things as dark as the lens would lead you believe. You can actually wear them inside a store and still see just fine. I swear they improve my vision.”

Joe Power

““…I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES! I have several pair of sunglasses, and none of them hold a candle to these! They are comfortable, the side frame adjusts up and down for a custom fit, and the lens itself…well, what can I say? I don’t have any glare tormenting my eyes when I wear these. BEST EVER, and I love supporting the mission too!”

Dr. Rick Kirschner