ORION4Sight lenses are best described as Optical Eyewear FILTERS. The O4S lenses are different than anything you’ve ever looked through before. These are NOT ordinary “sunglasses,” and they have a distinctive military heritage.

Proprietary optical filtering processes minimize the sensations of overwhelming brightness, improves eye comfort, improves color saturation, and enhances scene contrast to yield improved visual acuity.

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The original ORION Military Optical Eyewear Filters are used by US Special Operations Commands and law enforcement agencies. These distinctive vision technologies are corroborated by formal research papers conducted by the US Navy, Army, and Air Force.

ORION4Sight Sunglasses embody specific “Spin-Off” Technologies assimilated from the original ORION Military Eyewear.

The diagram below shows how natural sunlight passing though the O4S Optical Eyewear Filter interacts with the rods and cones in the back of the eye, and the vision benefits that are achieved.


“The colors are unbelievably richer, the contrast greater. At times I take the sunglasses off just to compare what I am seeing and have been dumbfounded at how drab the colors seem by comparison. Wearing Orion4Sight sunglasses let me see nature in all its true beauty.”

-O4S Customer
“I couldn’t resist writing to tell you how terrific I think the Orion4Sight sunglasses are. I just spent several days in northern Michigan enjoying the fall colors, which I try to do every year. This was the first time I had the experience wearing your sunglasses…It’s impossible to really describe what an astounding difference they make!”
-O4S Customer


Our products have the ability to improve human vision under extreme lighting conditions.

Spectrum Technologies (an affiliated company of O4S) “Vision Transferability” is corroborated by Research Papers conducted by the US Navy, Army, and Air Force.



Orion4Sight Eyewear and Lenses meet or exceed established ANSI Safety Standards, and ANSI Optical Standards, as well as block more that 99% of invisible UVA and UVB wavelengths of light.