ORION4Sight Eyewear, ORION4Sight Snow Goggles, and other Eyewear brands distributed by ORION4Sight, are warrantied against breakage due to material or workmanship defect for one year following the date of purchase with a valid receipt.

The ORION4Sight Warranty does not cover scratched lenses.

When cleaning ORION4Sight Lenses, use a mild liquid dish soap that does not contain chlorine, abrasives, or alkalies, including acetone-type cleaners and Deet insect repellant-type solvents, and sunscreen-type lotions which will void the ORION4Sight Product Warranty.

Do not clean/rinse ORION4Sight Lenses with hot/warm water which may soften or damage special coatings on specific Eyewear styles and will void the ORION4Sight Product Warranty.

Abuse of any kind, including alteration(s) of ORION4Sight product(s) will void the ORION4Sight Warranty.

Final interpretation and validation of the ORION4Sight Warranty is determined solely by ORION4Sight, Ltd.