Yes. ORION4Sight Lenses block 99%+ of UVA and UVB light.
ORION4Sight provides high-performance Lenses that meet ANSI Optical Standards and meet ANSI Safety Standards.
Many years ago, we began receiving comments and written correspondence from our Soldiers, Law Officers, and customers saying that various “personal visual challenges” were lessened when wearing our special Eyewear lenses. These positive responses began after the introduction of our original Military Eyewear Technologies, followed with the recent introduction of ORION4Sight Eyewear.

These persuasive antidotal testimonial writings suggest that numerous vision challenges may be mediated by both of our Technologies. This continually growing body of information helps us understand what our Lens Technologies can achieve as we continue to explore exciting and new vision applications.*

ORION4Sight would like to continue receiving detailed written descriptions which illustrate potential vision benefits provided by our Eyewear. Please share your story with us, and be sure include your email address and phone number so we can properly address your specific questions or concerns.

All responses and communications will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared. For your personal security and privacy, do NOT post or send your story or questions via email or other electronic media.

Let’s Work Together And Make A Difference!

Send Your Personal O4S Story Or Questions To:
ORION4Sight, Ltd.
PO Box 455
Naperville, IL 60566 USA

ORION4Sight, Ltd., and its affiliated entities understand that its Lens Technologies may mitigate or reduce some symptoms and/or discomforts caused by various medically diagnosed vision ailments, and further acknowledges and declares it cannot and does not make any medical claims(s) to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or vision ailment(s).

IF ORION4Sight Eyewear is “uncomfortable to wear” or provides “no visual benefit(s),” the individual should immediately remove the eyewear, and therefore, there is no harm done. ORION4Sight Ltd. and its affiliated entities are unaware of negative side effects resulting from long-term usage. ORION4Sight and its affiliated entities also believe it’s eyewear and lenses are as safe as “ordinary sunglasses” and that its lenses do not alter the structure of the eye(s).

We do not offer prescription lenses, fit-overs, or clip-ons at this time. We are actively working on solutions for these challenges and hope to have an announcement in the near future.
All ORION4Sight Lenses have a superior quality anti-scratch coating on the front and back surfaces. When not being used, always keep your ORION4Sight Eyewear in its original protective case to prevent or minimize scratches or lens damage.
There’s only one ORION4Sight Lens color, and when looking through the lens, it appears as a medium-dark orange.

Yet, this single color “appears to change” when different amounts of light are reflected off the front lens surface, or the amount light being transmitted through the back of the lens. These infinitely changing lighting combinations make the ORION4Sight lens “erroneously appear” darker, lighter, or even as a different color in photographs or to an observer.

Yes. ORION4Sight Lenses and their performance are special, and for this reason, we provide ORION4Sight Instructions on their proper use so you can achieve maximum visual benefits.

Initially you see “orange images or scenes,” but everything immediately looks brighter and sharper. First time viewers often describe this as the “O4S Wow Factor” which is actually the beginning of fascinating and natural visual adaptations, all of which are complex and beyond the scope of this forum.

Interestingly, while the eyes acclimate to the unique ORION4Sight Lens filtering properties, the initial orange color “slowly fades or disappears” as image/scene colors return to “normal.” This ORION4Sight adaptation process allows healthy eyes to acquire and retain enhanced scene contrast, improved visual acuity, and lowers eye strain.

Plus, ORION4Sight Lenses improve color saturation without color misrepresentation and without scene darkening typically caused by ordinary colored sunglass lenses. The stand-alone ORION4Sight “Technical Lens” provides excellent personal vision in bright sun light, on cloudy days, and during the toughest weather conditions thru every season.

Each ORION4Sight Lens incorporates proprietary Technologies from the original Optical Eyewear FILTERS we specifically developed for our US Special Operation Warfighters, Law Enforcement, and First Responders.

Simply, ORION4Sight Sunwear is a totally new vision technology-driven Eyewear that shares unique capabilities “transferred” from our original Military Eyewear we developed for the US Special Operations Commands and Law Enforcement.

To make ORION4Sight Lenses superior to conventional sunglasses, we selectively integrated some of the “transferable” Military Vision Capabilities into our ORION4Sight Sunwear–with the specific goal of not compromising the life-saving performance of our original Military Vision Technologies.

ORION4Sight Lenses are “darker” than our original Military Lenses and “appear” as conventional sunglasses. But, this is where all sunglass similarities stop. Looking through ORION4Sight Sunwear or Snow Goggle Lenses makes the world look better, more vibrant, and more beautiful!

• Accurate scene colors rendition
• Improves color saturation
• Improves visual acuity
• Improves scene contrast
• Improves visual comfort
• Improves vision during most weather conditions
• Improves vision during most daylight conditions
• Blocks UVA and UVB light
• Meets ANSI Optical Standards
• Meets ANSI Safety Standards
• Reduces sensation of overpowering brightness
• Reduces eye strain

ORION4Sight Consumer Sunwear is specifically designed for outdoor activities including all action and leisure sports. Our ORION4Sight proprietary Vision Technologies are protected by closely held Trade Secrets.

Try ORION4Sight. See what you’ve been missing!