Looking through the lenses of O4S sunglasses and snow goggles makes the world look different: better, more vivid, and more beautiful! Following some of the many ORION4Sight benefits you’ll enjoy:

• Accurate object/scene color rendition
• Improve color saturation
• Improve visual acuity
• Improve visual comfort
• Improve vision during most weather conditions
• Improve vision during most lighting conditions
• Improve/reduce dark/light transitional times
• Reduce sensation of overpowering brightness
• Block UVA and UVB light
• Meet ANSI Optical Standards
• Meet ANSI Safety Standards
• Proudly has a US Special Operations Pedigree


One Pair of Sunglasses for ALL Seasons and Weather Conditions!

The features of these proprietary and synergistic performance eyewear lens eliminates the necessity of changing lenses or eyewear for different weather or lighting conditions.

“The lenses improved the clarity of objects in low-light, day light and also in sunlight. In bright light the glasses reduced the glare, thereby allowing clearer viewing. In darkness the lenses brightened up lighter colors, which improved the sharpness of outlines.”
OS4 Customer
“In poor lighting conditions when there is lack of definition, your glasses seem to enable one to pick out objects more readily and clearly than when they are not used.”
O4S Customer