White O4S Snow Goggles


The ORION4Sight Snow Goggles arrive with O4S lenses along with a stylish white protective case and a matching white micro fiber cleaning bag.

Help make your friend’s and family’s winters bright this holiday season with a pair of ORION4Sight’s performance-driven Snow Goggles!

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Product Description

Our newest product, the ORION4Sight Snow Goggles are heralded as the most technically advanced and performance-driven Snow Goggles in the world! You will quickly discover the O4S Goggles lenses perform “uniformly” in all snow and light conditions. This eliminates the necessity for different lenses and/or goggles for different lighting or snow settings.

In addition, each ORION4Sight lens incorporates “Spin-Off Technologies” from the original ORION Optical Eyewear Filters developed for US Special Operation Commands and law enforcement. Regardless of the weather, your performance and enjoyment on the slopes can improve with an ORION4Sight Snow Goggle!

What Our Customers Say

“The colors are unbelievably richer, the contrast greater…wearing ORION4Sight (lens) allows me to see nature in all its true beauty.”

Technical Details
•  99.9% UVA and UVB Protection
•  Protective Hardcoat (both surfaces)
•  Anti-fog Coating (back surface)
•  Durable and wide head strap

Before wearing any OS4 lens, please read the eyewear instructions for an explanation of correct usage in order to achieve maximum benefit.



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